Hey there...

I'm a NOVA-based designer & developer who fell in love with all things web when I was introduced to “the internet".

My dream growing up was to become a Disney Imagineer and design sites for the most magical place on earth, Disney World.

After graduating with my Masters of Science, IAKM, degree in User Experience Design, I landed an opportunity to make my dreams partially come true. In 2015, I started my first role solely as a UX/UI Designer at CACI International where I've been crafting amazing digital experiences ever since.

Beyond my passion for design and code, you can find me spending time with my family (husband + 3 kids), taking my fitness to a new level, appreciating the beauty of the outdoors and discovering new places.

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My UX journey was beyond linear...

The skills and views I gained throughout my career have supported my role as a UX/UI designer.

All my experiences have taught me empathy and have allowed me to serve in a variety of roles contributing to the creation of the optimal experience for the end user:

  • Web designer. Crafted intuitive wireframes, sitemaps and prototypes and coded W3C compliant websites using HTML5 and CSS3 with focus on usability and accessibility.
  • Interaction designer. Crafted intuitive user interfaces and systems for people to interact with information - find it, search it and use it.
  • Information strategist. Organized information from complex technical systems into user-centered structures to support better navigation.
  • Content manager. Performed competitive analysis, built information architecture, and designed user-friendly interfaces to redesign an intranet site.
  • Graphic designer. Produced graphics, online and in print, to meet promotional needs, such as landing pages, videos and brochures using a variety of mediums.

My design process is constantly evolving...

Every problem solicts a unique solution.

Before laying pen to paper, I meet with the customer to gather requirements. After our initial meeting and more research, I can identify the following to define the problem:

  • the users' pain points
  • the intended audience
  • the purpose of the product
  • the context behind how and why it is being used

Once the problem is defined, I can start brainstorming possible solutions. I'm constantly evaluating to ensure that my ideas align with both the user and the business goals.

After I settle on several solutions, I can proceed by putting my ideas to paper. Sketching them out helps me to visualize the direction I'm heading.

When I'm confident to move forward, I start wireframing in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe XD and integrate my findings into my design.

Once the layout is determined, I can begin designing the 'look and feel'. Typically, I create a mood board for inspiration from branding/logos and the existing site (for redesigns). Then, I define my color palette and typography as a foundation that ties all the content and visual elements together. From there, I can experiement by designing several mockups to demo to the customer to ensure they have the same vision for the end product.

After the stakeholders sign off, I can start crafting interactive prototypes using Adobe XD or Figma. From there, they are continuously updated through multiple iterations of feedback and testing until being finalized and ready for code.

Photo of Gabrielle Bhagwat